Rivaldo to Barca: “Don’t sell Arthur and Coutinho”

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Rivaldo, a former Barcelona player, has advised the Blaugrana club not to focus too much on those who will be reinforcements in the future. But to pay more attention to resuming the championship in different countries.

“I have read news that Barcelona may be interested in Pjanic of Juventus. Of course I think he is a great player. But I also think the club needs to focus more on the present and what is left on the championship. There will be cases to talk about transfers. ”

In connection with this possible move, the signing of the agreement with Pjanic, Rivaldo analyzed it as “an interesting exchange”, if Arthur Melo is involved in the operation.

“Arthur would be a great signing for Juventus because he is an out-of-series player and can play all over the world. I insist: I think he should stay at Barcelona. ?Because he is young and has not done anything since he arrived. “, – confirmed the world champion in 2002.

Rivaldo also praised the situation of Coutinho, his compatriot, who is on loan at Bayern from Barcelona. The midfielder will not be able to return to the game, as he has suffered a new injury.

“When evil comes to you, open the door. It must be very disappointing that he is hurt right now so that he can come back and all eyes would be on him. It would be an ideal moment to shine and even convince Barcelona not to sell him. “

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