Giroud to Benzema: You’re like a Formula 1 car, but I’m a world champion

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Chelsea striker Olivier Giroud has reacted to his compatriot Karim Benzema, reminding him that he is a world champion with France. After the Real Madrid striker had called himself superior to him.

Karim Benzema didn’t like the comparison that was made with Giroud, saying it’s kind of like comparing a Formula 1 car to a Karting car.

Benzema was answering various questions during a live social networking session and could not avoid questioning the decision of Didier Deschamp to replace him with Olivier Giroud.

“Don’t confuse Formula 1 with Karting. I’m a Formula One, ”Benzema replied.

But Giroud has reacted to Benzema now, reminding him he won the 2018 World Cup with France, three years after Benzema last played.

“What am I, a Karting machine?” Giroud told Befoot.

“I’m a world champion with Karting,” he added.

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