Lewandowski starts where he left off, 40+ goals per season

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40 goals in all competitions, Robert Lewandowski is simply unstoppable.

The top striker, Robert Lewandowski, started in the Bundesliga where he left the season two months ago, after being suspended.

This goal was the 40th this season for him, a figure achieved for the fourth time in his career.

Most goals in a season, Lewa has scored in the 2016/17 season, 43.

So, seeing the number of matches left, Lewandowski will break this personal record without any problems.

2015/16 | 42 goals in 51 appearances

2016/17 | 43 goals in 47 appearances

2017/18 | 41 goals in 48 appearances

2018/19 | 40 goals in 47 appearances

2019/20 | 40 goals in 34 appearances…

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