Neymar convincingly the highest paid player in France

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PSG dominates everything in football in France, with the Capitals lacking competition. Especially in terms of player costs and salaries, with Neymar in first place.

“Actu Foot” has released player salaries, along with ad winnings, and in the top 10 paid players, 9 are from PSG and only one from Monaco.

The only one to carry the flag of another team is Ben Yedder, the Monaco striker who earns 8.4 million euros a season, 100.000 euros more than 10th-place Icardi.

In first place is Neymar with 48 million euros, 27 million euros more than his friend Kylian Mbappe, who benefits 21 million euros.

Really scary difference from first place to second. The trio fills with Cavani, who earns 3 million less than Mbappe.

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