Oliver Kragl: Red Bull could buy Ronaldo if they wanted to

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Oliver Kragl

Red Bull Salzburg can afford to buy a player like Cristiano Ronaldo, according to German midfielder Oliver Kragl.

The energy drink company started investing in football in 2005, when it bought the Austrian club SV Austria Salzburg and changed its name to Red Bull Salzburg.

Since then, Red Bull has expanded its football kingdom by taking over clubs such as New York Red Bull, Red Bull Brasil, Red Bull Bragantino, Red Bull Gana and most importantly, RB Leipzig.

The latter has risen through the ranks of German football to become a candidate for the Bundesliga title. While also shaking Tottenham, last year’s finalist in the Champions League, to secure a place in the quarterfinals of this year’s competition.

Oliver Kragl, who plays for Benevento in Serie B, believes that Red Bull has the power to buy even the most famous and biggest star of Serie A, Ronaldo.

“Red Bull Salzburg forced European champions Liverpool to do their best at Anfield and drew level with Napoli.” said Kragl, who spent two and a half years in Austria.

“Red Bull could buy Ronaldo if they wanted to, maybe tomorrow. I think Salzburg would do well in the German Bundesliga.”

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