UEFA gives the big news for the leaders in the European leagues

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The leader, whether in La Liga, the Premier League or any other league in Europe, should be declared the champion according to UEFA, if the season ends here.

With the suspension of the championships and the fear that they may not resume, there have been many questions about who will be declared champion, or will ‘disappear’ completely from the history of the 2019/20 season.

But the number one of UEFA, Alexander Ceferin, thinks the opposite.

In an interview given today to the Slovenian daily “Ekipa”, Ceferin has sent a clear message to Liverpool and all the leading teams in each championship.

“If the game won’t resume, then it would be good to announce the results and determine the champions in the respective national leagues,” said Ceferin.

“Stopped or not, the winner of the title must be determined! It cannot be left without a championship title. It is not logical that way “, concluded Ceferin, confirming that the leaders in every league should be declared champions.

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