Rooney: I shouldn’t have gone to 2006 World Cup

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Wayne Rooney has admitted that he shouldn’t have gone to 2006 World Cup with the England national team after suffering a leg injury before the start of the tournament.

The top scorer in the history of the English National Team was in great doubt before the World Cup in Germany that year. Because he had broken three bones in his toe playing for Manchester United in the 3-0 defeat against Chelsea in a Premier League match.

But Rooney was considered ready to play in England’s second Group B match against Trinidad. Having recovered faster than expected. But later, he had a muscle strain in his groin during an exercise with the team.

Instead of giving up by giving up participating in the World Cup, Rooney had continued with the battle to play.

“I hit the ball from the middle of the field, trying to hit the gate and at that moment I felt a crack in my waist. I understood immediately, “he said.

“I told one of the doctors to treat my injury in secret every day. Taking sedatives. I didn’t want to say anything because a lot of people had worked hard to prepare me. I did not announce the injury until the tournament ended. The rupture in the hip muscle was 6 centimeters “, he revealed.

The World Cup for Rooney ended with a red card in England’s loss to Portugal in the quarterfinals.

“When I think about it now, I shouldn’t have gone to that World Cup at all. “If Euro 2020 were to be held this year, I would advise Harry Kane and Marcus Rashford not to participate if they suffer from injury in any way.”

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