Fabregas dissatisfied: The season was canceled too early

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Monaco star Cesc Fabregas feels the 2019/20 season in Ligue 1 was canceled too early.

Paris Saint-Germain were declared champions and Amiens and Toulouse fell out of the league after the season was canceled last month. Although most teams had up to 10 games to play until the end.

While the Bundesliga is preparing to restart the season on May 16 and the Premier League, Serie A and La Liga are working to return as well, Fabregas believes the Professional Football League should have waited a little longer before deciding to cancel the season

“The decision that was made was big and I understand why they made it.” the Spanish midfielder told beIN SPORTS.

“Maybe they got it a little early, seeing that a lot of big leagues are still trying to restart the season.” he added.

“However, I understand the reason for its cancellation and it is better to be safe. Because the family is the most important and also the health and safety of everyone and I support this.” he said.

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