Official: Clubs will be allowed to make five substitutions per game

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The International Board of Football Associations (IFAB) has confirmed that clubs will be allowed to make up to five substitutions in one game when football returns.

The temporary change in the rules has been decided in order to maintain the health of the players when the game resume. As all sports activities have been suspended since March.

IFAB says the decision was prompted by a request from FIFA and will only be allowed in competitions expected to be completed by December 31 this year. Meaning it will only be used in the current seasons of local leagues and cups and the Champions League and Europa League. But not in the 2020/21 season.

It was also confirmed that there will be only three interruptions for substitutions from each team – such as the current rules in football.

This means that within one break more replacements will have to be made than one to use all the replacements. Or they will be done after the first part.

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